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DCTRANS Established in 2003 in Guangzhou. Customers of DC Trans are businesses, individuals and organizations specializing in trade and processing who want to import goods from China to Vietnam.

Shipping Chinese goods of DCTrans provides package import services from China to Vietnam by land and sea. (All documents of import and export procedures in China and Vietnam, book seats on board, book cont, hire rickshaw cont..v.v. Are done by DCTRANS)

Our services

The trend of global trade in foreign trade is becoming more and more common in Vietnam, and the demand of importing goods from China to Vietnam is also increasing.With this situation, DCTran provides transportation services from China. Vietnam in the following forms: Sea transport, Road transport and Taobao shipping. Service price list

Taobao shipping

Customers order directly on websites such as taobao.com, 1688.com, tmall.com … DCTrans supports payment and direct delivery of goods to Vietnam. The import of goods does not go through any intermediary channel. Help customers enter the goods with the highest benefit and most cost savings.

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With the strength of a large warehouse, the location of the warehouse is located in Guangzhou – a convenient area to help customers easily transport goods from all provinces of China to Guangzhou. More than 03 cont 40 feet per week are transported to Vietnam. DCTrans is trusted by customers and gradually asserted its position in the hearts of customers.

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Sea shipping

Road transport

In parallel with sea transport, road transport is also one of the fastest ways to help customers shorten the time of receiving goods. For daily consumer goods such as clothing, household goods, etc.

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