Road transport

Heavy goods Today, ordering Chinese goods, Guangzhou products from taobao.com, 1688.com websites … is no stranger to customers. Individuals, shop owners, or business owners who sell online cannot help but not know about taobao ordering. Border barriers are no longer an obstacle. Therefore, the transportation of Guangzhou and Chinese goods to Vietnam is increasingly trusted and used by customers.

DCTrans transports goods, Guangzhou, China to Vietnam by road with reasonable service and price. Help business customers, trading Guangzhou, China easier.

Eliminate concerns about ordering Chinese with different language barriers. We always accompany customers in helping find a reputable shop. With the experience of transporting Chinese goods for many years, we always try to be the bridge for the most favorable business customers. Customers rest assured to place orders in China, let us shipping.


Goods are carefully packed by modern equipment and technical processes. Avoid loss of goods. DCTrans is committed to guarantee 100% goods to customers. For fragile goods DCTrans recommends that customers frame wood to protect goods.

Delivery time

Shipping Chinese goods to Hanoi: 2 to 3 days
Shipping Chinese goods to Ho Chi Minh City: 4 to 5 days

Freight charge

Shipping goods from China to Vietnam with the cheapest fee. Help customers optimize profits in business
Refer to the price list of service charges here!

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