Sea shipping

DCTrans shipping from China to Vietnam has been receiving the trust from customers. That makes a great motivation for us to develop more, bringing benefits to customers.
Help customers order Chinese in the easiest way, no worry about the size of goods.
For goods that need shipping by sea from China to Vietnam, though compact or bulky, DCTrans is still the first choice of customers with:

1.Warehouse scale

Finding a place to have a warehouse today is not easy. Moreover, it is more difficult to consolidate goods at one location, waiting for enough goods to transport.
Coming to DCTrans, we own a large warehouse area of more than 2000m2, you are assured of warehousing issues.
Moreover, the storage of goods at our warehouse is completely free, facilitating business for customers.

2. Professional packing

The staff of workers packed goods into containers working professionally, carefully and meticulously. Ensure the goods are in their original conditions and carton.

3. Delivery time

With the development of large seaports today such as Hon Gai, Hai Phong, Da Nang, Quy Nhon, Cam Ranh, Saigon …
Customers can be assured of the delivery time.
In addition, DCTrans has a large team of boats, we are committed to transporting your goods to Vietnam as quickly as possible. DCTrans helps customers to experience the safest shipping service from China to Vietnam.
Average time to transport goods to TP. HCM is 07 to 10 days. We will notify you as soon as available.

4.Transport fee

Please refer to the price list for shipping from China to Vietnam below. Or send packing list immediately to DCTrans to get the shipping price of CONT 40


Valid from October 1, 2018

DestinationSectorsMatching contOriginally cont
Ho Chi MinhHeavy things (VND/m3)2,800,002,520,00090,000,00125,000,000
Heavy goods(VND/m3)10,0009,000
Ha NoiHeavy things (VND/m3)3,200,0002,880,000110,000,000145,000,000
Heavy goods(VND/m3)11,50010,300


Bulky goods: For goods under 280kg / m3
Heavy goods: For goods over 280kg / m3

  • HCM: The above price does not include truck transfer fee in HCMC , goods such as bricks or construction related items will incur additional inspection fees. Time 7-10 days from the date of closing the container.
  • HN: The above price is the receipt of goods at Giap Bat-Hanoi station , goods such as bricks or construction-related items will incur additional inspection fees.
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